Jeff Dwoskin - Comedian -

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Kevin Pollack and me @ Forgotten Harvest Comedy Night 2004

Me and Lord Carrett @ Lansing Connextions

Me and Ted Alexandro, NYE @ the Comedy Castle

Me and Ritchie Byrne

Me and Allyn Ball

Me and Todd McCune

Me and Tom Foss

Me and Tanyalee Davis

Me and Tim Cavanagh

Me and My Toledo Family!!

Me and Jason Benci

Me and Mike Bobbitt

Me, J. Chris, Dave and Dylan

A few comedy buddies, me, Chris D'Angelo and Mitch Fatel

Forgotten Harvest Comedy Night 2003
Opened for George Wallace

Forgotten Harvest Comedy Night 2002
10/19/2002 - Opened for Bobby Collins

Me, Rob Little and Dan Decapa after a show

The Photos below:
These really have nothing to do with me doing comedy, but I thought it might look impressive.

Me, Erin Gray and Gil Gerard (from Buck Rogers), we were discussing the 25th Century

Tiffany Taylor, playboy playmate. I am married so I didn't bother asking her out.

The BeastMaster and from V, Marc Singer

The beautiful Tanya Roberts from that 70's show amongst other things
Me, Dan Lippitt, my cousin Michael and one of the Fetts.

Me with Ben Vareen

Me with Henry Winkler (the Fonz)

Me with Cindy Williams, Shirley from Laverne and Shirley

This is the guy who was the werewolf in American Werewolf in London. On the right is Dan, he took the photos of me on stage that are on this website.

Me with my brother Jon and George Stephanapolis

Me with Michael Moore, director of Roger and Me and a couple other movies you may be familiar with (far right is my wife)


  2002 copyright Jeffrey Dwoskin
  Photos by Dan Lippitt Photography