Jeff Dwoskin - Comedian -


Nov 29Roast of 2011 at Go!Comedy!
Dec 15-17
3 shows
Feature/Closer @ Leo's Komedy Korner
Nov 23Mike Young's Comedy Tour
Nov 10-12
5 shows!
Feature @ Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle
Headliner: Rob Little
Oct 28/29
2 shows
Feature @ Leo's Komedy Korner
Oct 20-22
5 shows
Feature @ Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase
Headliner: Duncan Trussell
Oct 16Joey's Comedy Club
Sept 23/24
2 shows
Feature @ Comedy Room
Headliner: Bill Hilldrebrant
Sept 21Corporate Gig
Sept 16Country Club Gig
Headliner: Dwayne Gill
Sept 14Mark Ridley's Improv Up Yours Showcase
Aug 29Joey's Comedy Club
Aug 18-20
6 Shows!
Feature @ Joey's Comedy Club
Headliner: Andy Woodhull
Aug 5/6
2 shows
Feature @ Leo's Komedy Korner
June 28Go Comedy!
June 21Go Comedy - Blackout!
July 10Headliner @ Maxie's wsg Andy Beningo
July 8/9
4 Shows!
Headliner @ Holly Hotel wsg Andy Beningo
July 7Painted Lady
July 6Mark Ridley's Open Mike
June 29Mark Ridley's Open Mike
June 23Club Bart - Final Show!
June 17
2 Shows!
Feature at Magic Bag
Headliner: Gilbert Gotfried
June 14Closing Joey's Contest
June 11Feature @ Chardnay Comedy Club
Headliner: Steve Lind
June 10Joe Nipote's Comedy Slam
Headliner: JJ Walker, Joe Nipote
June 10Jeff Comedy Jam
June 7Feature @ East Highland
Headliner: Steve Iott
June 6Joey's Comedy Club
June 3/4
2 shows
Feature @ Leo's Komedy Korner
May 22Brad Austin Bday Bash
May 20/21
2 shows!
Feature Kalamazoo
Headliner: Bob Zany
May 18Wingo Host
May 15Mike Green Bday Roast
May 10Joey's
May 4-7
7 shows!
MC @ Joey's
Headliner: Mike Green
May 1Feature at Maxies
April 29/30
4 shows!
Feature @ Holly Hotel w/Steve Iott
April 28Painted Lady
April 21-23
5 shows
Feature @ Ann Arbor Showcase
Headliner: Tim Northern
April 16Corporate Gig w/Mike Green
April 8Deadpan Wrap Party
April 4Jeff Ford Roast
March 26Feature - Capac, MI
March 19Headline @ LaffTracks, Novi, MI
March 16Charity Gig - East Lansing
March 14Comedy at Joey's
March 4-5
2 shows
Feature @ Leo's Komedy Korner
Mar 1Feature @ Scooters
Headliner: Steve Brewer
Feb 19Sully's Traveling Show @ Lafftracks - Closer!
Feb 14For the LOVE of the Animals Benefit Show @ Joey's Livonia (poster)
Feb 5Feature @ Bull Ring (Goodrich, MI)
Jan 28-29
3 Shows
Feature @ Carlin's
Headliner: Mike Green
Jan 22Relay for Life Charity Event @ Laff Tracks - Closer!
Jan 3-15
5 shows!
Feature @ Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle
Headliner: Tom Simmons

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  2002 copyright Jeffrey Dwoskin
  Photos by Dan Lippitt Photography